At Rocking Z Stables, your horses are kept in 7500 square foot
paddocks with automatic water troughs and a large three sided
shelter.  We typically keep two horses in each paddock and
provide dusk to dawn lighting on the gated side.  The paddocks are
fenced with "No-Climb" and Cyclone.  There is no barbed wire.
Our arena has a sand footing over oiled base rock with a perimeter
drainage system.  
Our Web Camera is available 24 hours a day, but of course will
give best results during daytime hours.  The first time you use it,
you will be asked to download an Active-X control.  Once that is
done, click the "Single" Tab.  Using the controls on the left side of
the web cam image, the camera can be directed at each of the
paddocks.  For privacy reasons, the resolution is limited, but you
can watch your horses at anytime moving around their paddocks.

If you're using
Internet Explorer and are having problems loading
the live video portion, try adding the website ( to
Compatibility View list.  You will be asked to download an
Active-X control.
Morgan Territory Regional Preserve Park is less than 3/4 of a mile
to the north.  Once at the staging area you will find
maps, rest
rooms, picnic tables, a water fountain for you, and a water trough
for your horse.  
Veterinary and Dentistry Clinics are offered twice a year.  Each Spring and Fall, Dr. Nikki Moore and, if necessary, at least
one dentist of her choice are available for vaccination updates, exams, dental work, and your questions.  You may also elect
to use Farriers, Veterinarians, or Dentists that are already familiar with you and your horse.
Our Trainers/Instructors, Cindy Volz and Charlotte Moger, are
available by appointment to work with you and/or your horse.
At Rocking Z Stables, we do not offer horses for rent or provide horses for guided trail rides.
Our current price for boarding is $250.00 per month, per
horse, which includes feeding twice daily
Rocking Z Stables