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On May 21st, 2009, Joe Shelton at TB Friends wrote that we need a plan.  Maybe we need lots of plans so that
folks can pick and choose what works for them.  The hardest part most of the time is simply getting started.

There are more and more people these days using “ON-Line” banking.  Those websites typically have a method of
automatically writing a check each month and sending it off.  After being scheduled, no further action is necessary, so the
money is sent each month automatically without any effort or thought.  Hmmm… I think I’ve got a plan.

It won’t work for everyone, but it might work for a few.  If after reading this, you feel you can’t afford it, then absolutely,
positively, don’t do it.  If you’re lying in bed at night wondering how you’re going to make ends meet, then this plan isn’t for
you.  Take care of yourself and best of luck to you and your family.

If, on the other hand, you’d care to read on…..

Step one.  Pick your Rescue.  There are tons of them out there.  Ask your friends which one they like.  Next time you’re at
your barn, see if there’s a favorite among the other boarders.  Out on a trail ride?  Instead of talking for half an hour about
that horse that’s always chewing on the fence, pick a rescue.  Check out the Internet.  Perhaps do a little research to make
sure your choice is reputable.  
Joe and Cathy Shelton at TBFriends don’t have a “Donate” button on a website, but they
have a Twitter Page.  
Tawnee and Jason's website lets you pick how your money is spent.

I think the hard part is picking an amount.  So let’s make this easy.  Take a few moments and figure out what you can afford.  
Think about your monthly income.  Think about your bills.  Be realistic.  This is not the time to get yourself into financial

Here’s where it gets easy.  Are you thinking of your number?  Good.  Let’s divide that number by two.  OK, now divide it by
two again.  Now you’re thinking “that’s not enough”.  Yes it is.  No one person has to take on all the responsibility.  This new
number is more than likely an amount that you will not have to worry about and may not even notice missing from your
budget.  But now don’t just sit there.  Do it.  I dare you.  Do it now.  Not tomorrow.  Not the next time you’re checking your
account balance.  Find a computer and do it now.  These days computers are everywhere.  Throw Joe Shelton up in the air,
he lands on a computer.  If 10 people were automatically donating $10 each month, that would be $1200 annually.  Maybe
you can afford $20, and maybe you convince 5 more people to get on board.  See where this is going!

Did you do it?  Is it done?  Good!  Now don’t keep it to yourself.  Get out there and brag about it.  You’re allowed.  
You did a good thing.  Tell them it was all your idea.  Point out to the people in your life what you did and how easy it was.  
Tell them how you feel about what you’ve done.  Be annoying if that’s what works for you, but get the word out.  This
IS the
most important part of the plan.

Rocking Z Stables is NOT a 501(c)(3), nor do we except donations for ourselves or on anyone's behalf.  Please do your
research and send your money to reputable, established organizations.  Thru their experience, they can do the most good
with your donations.  The agencies below represent just a few of the many organizations that can and do help everyday.  If
you have a little space, consider being a foster home for an animal in need.  If you are in need, ask for help.

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