Joe's "Zip"
Rocking Z Stables
Zip (QtsKeepnZipsApproval) was born on March 29, 2003 in Redding California.  In July of 2008 he was sold to his new
home in Napa.  Then in Dec of 2013 he was sold again to a beautiful home in Mariposa.  And that's where I found him.  Zip
is a big, beautiful Buckskin Overo Paint horse.  I bought him on May 18, 2014, just a few weeks
after I lost my trail horse,
Teague, to botulism and a few weeks
before I lost my long retired first horse, Buddy, to time.  Zip is going to have to fill
some really big shoes, but if the first few rides I've had on him are any indication, I think he's going to make a great new
Zip's first day a RZS
This is another sales photo that
was taken in Mariposa.
Maureen giving her approval
to purchasing Zip.
Zip's first time in Morgan Territory
Regional Preserve Park.
A sales picture of Zip in Mariposa.