The picture below was taken sometime towards the
end of October.  He has gained a lot of weight and his
wounds have healed.  He is now much more active and
has a lot of fun when turned out in the arena.  He still
has a little way to go, but there has been talk of riding
him soon.  Mosco is 17.2 hands high.  Any volunteers?
The undated photo to the left is of Mosco in his
healthier days.  Somewhere along the way
something went wrong.  The answers to why and
how are less important than the need to heal the
damage that has been done.
For many months we had watched him, in a field
not far from our stable, withering away to nothing!
After several calls to the county and a little
investigating by some of our more persistent
boarders, contact was made with a previous
owner.  She and a few boarders, with help from
our trainer, Cindy Volz, arranged for Mosco to be
transported to our ranch.  
On August 25, 2008 Mosco arrived at our place
about 350 lbs underweight and with a large, deep,
and untreated laceration on his left elbow.  Our
vet, Dr. Niki Moore, was out the very next day to
get him stitched up and help us with a feeding
program to put some weight back on him and get
him on the road to being his old self again!
Mosco had been an "A" circuit jumper and was a very
well schooled horse, but due to some unresolved
medical issues and lack of proper care at his last
facility he was left neglected and mistreated!  Mosco is
a 12 year old Oldenberg/Thoroughbred cross, he
stands about 17.2 hands at the moment!  He was a
beautiful horse and will be again!
He is now loved and cared for by two of our boarders,
Georgia and Louise.  Everyone at the stable is pitching
in to help with his care in whatever way they can.  
After 3 weeks with us it was estimated that he has
gained about 20 lbs.  It will be a long road for this big
horse, but a road that all of us are willing to take with
Stay tuned for updates and more photos of Mosco's
This picture and the one below it were
taken on New Years Day 2009, four and
one half months since being brought to
Rocking Z Stables.  His ribs have almost
vanished.  He moves very well but has a
little more "spirit" than some folks would
appreciate.  His ground manners are
quite rough and it's time to see what he
remembers about a saddle.  Good luck

Mosco - Our Rescue
Rocking Z Stables
This picture was taken on March 2nd
2009, seven and one half months since
being brought to Rocking Z Stables.  His
Body Condition Score is about 4-3/4.  As
soon as the rain stops, somebody is
gonna have to get on him!
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Mosco's first ride at
Rocking Z Stables