Maureen & Joe's Katie
Rocking Z Stables
Katie, our Bay Standardbred, became Maureen's best friend in November of 1985.  She was born on May 29th, 1975 in
Galt California.  She was sold three times before ending up with Maureen.  Her homes included Pacifica, Half Moon Bay,
Woodside, Union City, and finally here at RZS.  Katie was a fiery mare who definitely had a mind of her own.  Although not
a beginner's horse, Maureen's future husband, me, unknowingly began riding her in 1992.  Maureen and I would take
turns with her on the trails of Huddart Park in Woodside before I purchased my own horse in 1999.  

Katie spent her last years living a good retired life with her friend, our goat Tobi.  She and Tobi were turned loose to roam
our small ranch finding good things to eat and keeping an eye on the place for us.  Katie died on March 11th, 2011.  It's
impossible to think about Maureen and my early life together without remembering Katie.  We love her and will always
miss her.  Rest in Peace, Katie.