Jenifer's El Mirador
Rocking Z Stables
El Mirador was a true gentlemen who went from representing his rare breed at Exhibition Breeds, to competing at 3rd level
Dressage, to bringing home 2nd place at Eventing Championships. El Mirador was a kind and honest horse who gave his heart.

Jennifer Sharpe
To My Beloved
On the cross country coarse he gave me courage.
In the dressage arena he had shared his majestic beauty.
On the rolling trails he gave me freedom.
In our silent moments he gave me a beloved bond.
He showed me what love was.
He gave me a purpose.
On his last day he showed me strength,
I told him he had given enough.
I thank Joe, Mo, Caryn, and Charley for their
beautiful souls while El Mirador was with us.

Jennifer Sharpe