Joe's "Buddy"
Rocking Z Stables
Maureen giving Joseph D. a
ride around the arena.
DJ & Buddy
Maureen & Joseph
Buddy was my first horse.  I'm very lucky that he was because of my complete lack of talent and knowledge of
riding.  Buddy kept me safe, despite me.  Although I never received his papers, my Vet, Dentist, and the
previous owner at the time put his birth date somewhere around the end of 1985.  His life began on a ranch
somewhere in Texas.  He was sold to me in 1999.  He died on Tuesday, June 17, 2014  and will never be

In his lifetime he was used for steer roping, calf roping, lessons, and thousands of miles of trail riding.  The
number of people who's skills and lives were improved by Buddy is incalculable and definitely includes mine.
Rest In Peace My Friend
Horse Camping in 2006
Buddy's Brand.  It's on his left hip
and is probably from a ranch
somewhere in Texas.  If you
recognize it, please let me know.
Buddy, roaming the ranch,
snacks on some weeds next
to Teague.

August of 2011
Rocky, at Pioneer Equine Hospital, works on
Buddy's hooves.

Thanks to Rocky, Heff, and Dr MacDonald, Buddy
was comfortable for the last few years of his life.

Thanks, most of all, to Dr. Nikki Moore, who realized
how important Buddy was to me.  Our friend Nikki
spent countless hours making sure that Buddy was

April, 2013
Buddy and Alberta in early 2014

At some point during Alberta's stay
with us we moved her in with
Buddy.  They became inseparable.

Alberta died in March of 2014, and
Buddy died a short three months
This picture of Buddy is of the
last time he wore a saddle.
Buddy and I taking a break in Morgan
Territory Regional Preserve Park.
Cyndi and PJ following Buddy
and me.
...and Cyndi and me following
Brandon on Jewels.
I'm not sure when these next five photos
were taken.  Maureen found them for
me.  I don't believe I will ever ride
another horse with so much talent and
eagerness to please.