Elizabeth's "Alberta"
Rocking Z Stables
Alberta, a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred mare, came to us in March of 2010 from a stable in Castro Valley.  She was 23 years
old at the time.  At some point during her stay with us we moved her in with Buddy, who is a paint gelding and about the same
age.  They became inseparable.  

Alberta lived a very healthy life.  Her teeth became an issue, but thanks to Rich Jack, our equine dentist, and EGM pellets, she
continued to thrive.  Her spirit is alive and well in the form of memories, pictures and stories, but her body gave up in March of
2014.  She will be missed.  Especially by her forever friend, Buddy, who died a short three months later.
Liz and Alberta.  
Alberta (on the left) and Buddy
(the paint on the right)